Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doughnuts from Michigan!

Can you believe this?

The same day I posted my list of things to do over break--one of which was to make my favorite doughnuts I can only find in west Michigan--they end up at my door step! 

And I really do have a door step, so I can say that. Anyway, I know they don't look so appetizing in their shrink-wrapped form--I thought they were pork-chops when I opened the box!

But their maple icing is delicious and the cinnamon swirled inside is delightful (maybe a little tough after the week-long journey) but who cares, they are here, in Spokane!

But Cynthia, can't you get maple icing in Spokane? Yes,but it's not the same. It's darker and thicker, and weirder. And, these doughnuts don't have it, but usually they are topped with a delightfully crunchy toasted coconut. Even if I did like Spokane's weird version of maple frosting, they don't put it on the right doughnut and they don't top it with coconut. 

But soon, I will recreate them, especially now that I have the original to investigate. 

Have you noticed I've started the last four paragraphs with a conjunction. Shame on me! I'm too distracted by doughnut planning to write better sentences.

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  1. I have this hope that when I live in South Carolina someone will not only figure out how to mail a pasty and still have it be edible, but will also do so. Regularly. This is gives me hope.


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