Saturday, May 26, 2012


oh, Michigan.

I'm heading back to Spokane tomorrow, but this surprise visit has really been refreshing.

After a year in Spokane, everything here seems extra green and breezy and watery.


I feel so lucky to have been able to visit and see my friends and family, to have eaten Hudsonville Cake Batter ice cream, to have had the option to eat an olive burger, to stare out into Lake Michigan for an hour.  

Here are some highlights:

The beach!

And not just the beach, but watching my nephew enjoy it. 

Look at that lil' guy!

Cedric likes the beach too.

I also got to see my friend's lil' guy.

What a cutie!

There was a lot of relaxation on this trip:

 Sitting in parks in Saugatuck:

Sitting by fields...

Lounging in hammocks:

What a view.

Eating ice cream at Kilwin's.

Cake batter!

Taking time to appreciate little blue flowers:

Eating at The Wooden Shoe in Holland just to squeeze in more time with Tanya. Look at that friendly service! :) 


Can you find the Cedric for sale in the case? 

Sipping limeade spritzers:


I also got to see my sister's new(ish) shop:


Everywhere you look, there is something cute.  

What a neat collection of milk glass! 

And here are more shots of Alek. I can't get over how excited he was when he saw a bus full of children pull up to the driveway he was playing near. You can see in this picture he takes a second to see it. 


And when he realizes what it is, he runs towards it.  "Ooooooaaaaaahhhhh!"

 He stood there jumping and waiving at the kids coming out. Okay, just a few more photos:

 Here he is with the graduate and his new friend Cedric:

We were all very grateful to be able to spend this time with each other, and wanted to thank the two lovely ladies who paid for my trip:

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  1. you're probably required to use this last photo of you for all thank-you cards for the next six years of your life. You can photoshop in the names of whoever you're thanking. ;)


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