Sunday, May 20, 2012

Goodwill Sewing

What's the best smell of spring?

Pretty flowers?  Fresh-cut grass? Food on the grill?

Absolutely not.

It's a fresh can of tennis balls. Yeahhhh.

There's a court just a couple blocks down from our apartment. It's very dusty, but it's surrounded by trees and grass and flowers. And we finally got out for the first time this year.

A lot of other great spring things have been happening around here too.

I finally had time to finish reading Dr. Zhivago, which I've been putting off since September.

I caught up on my letter writing. (And on my fruit and a bagel eating.)

And I've finally started working on some of the dresses I've been buying from Goodwill. Here are the before and after shots. I wasn't camera ready, so excuse the headless bodies (and the paleness).  And the poor lighting. Okay, okay, they aren't the best photos. By the time I finished the dresses, there was no daylight left for good photos. Just focus on the dresses.

 We'll start small:

I got this dress for two dollars! And it fit. I just wasn't crazy about the color, or the white collar/sleeves.

I tried dying it a darker yellow, hoping the rest of the colors would go brownish, but the fabric didn't really take too well to the dye. I might try again another time.  But for now, at least it's toned down a little. I also added a belt:


Then I found this vintage dress at this shop right next to my favorite bakery. It was too big and a little night-gownish at the bottom.

So I shortened it. And took in the sides. Done. I might put on some colorful buttons. Or black buttons.



And finally, another dress I bought from Goodwill--four dollars! 

 It was too long and I wasn't a fan of the colors. So I whipped out another box of RIT and turned this...

into this...



 The best part about all these dresses (other than their thriftiness)...they all have pockets!

What's Joe been up to during all this sewing? Writing. Reading. Writing. Reading. I think that about covers it. Oh and playing tennis.

Now go open a fresh can of tennis balls and let the smell of felt and rubber take over your senses. 


  1. Cynthia! These are SOOOOOOO cute. I miss you!

    1. Thanks Ari! I miss you too! See you soon!


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