Friday, June 8, 2012

Back to School

Well, I'm already into week one of summer classes. And Joe only has one week left!

My three-week break vanished pretty quickly--something about flying to Michigan one week and then having house guests the next really made the time pass.

Having our friends from Marquette visit was a great time. It also helped me better appreciate Spokane--you only show your visitors the good stuff.

We stayed pretty busy:

We ate doughnuts from an old shop in an area of town I'd never seen.

Donut Parade! What a name.

My first maple bar.

Some signage.

We also checked out the old post card store that was just down the street.

This place had tons of old post cards (and stamps, and matchbooks, and even old calling cards)! And they were very well organized!


There were even categories for exaggerations (giant rabbits, huge potatoes, etc.) and one funny section for cards with cats as people. Of course, I spent my time looking through Michigan cards.

I got these for a quarter each. Old postcards seem so much more romantic than the glossy photographed ones most places sell today.

I love how rushed so many of the messages are. 

Wonder why this guy never got his:

This one's neat!  Water Wonderland!

And the caption on the backside is pretty cute:

Michigan - Water Wonderland
Fine highways and friendly people welcome you to the Michigan Water Wonderland. Clear blue water, soft sand and lots of sunshine beckon the vacationist. 

 We also spent some time down by the river.  Things got misty.

 We saw a new bird. What is it? An osprey maybe?

These pretty little flowers were everywhere.

And, after searching for the trash-eating goat, Richard was disappointed to find it out of order.

When it's working, you can hold a piece of trash under its mouth and it will suck it up.

We continued walking along the river, and then we noticed this guy grunting at us.

Then we saw his lady on the bank. Mama goose was giving me the stink eye too. 

Keep walking, lady.

More falls and bridge:

And more food. We ate at a neat place called Zola.

Their second floor is lined with old tilt-a-wheel cars!

And further in the back, one room is made out of an old boat. The whole place is very unique. And they have delicious mac and cheese!

 Even their sidewalk sign is cool!

On the last day, we went to Turnbull, the wildlife refuge, in search of big animals. We only saw some birds and turtles, but that's better than nothing!

We actually saw four turtles. This guy was the cutest.

Look at that little nose!


Weird bug!

Sorry, red eyes, I forgot your name!

We saw lots of red-winged blackbirds. 

Queen of the lake:

 We agreed this guy looked like his head was carved out of wood:

Things were much greener than the last time Joe and I visited.

These guys kept popping up everywhere. Can you see him in the grass there?

 And we saw a Richard!

Our friends are currently driving along the coast, a trip I hope to make sometime soon! They'll stop back in Spokane to stay the night on Saturday before they head back to Michigan.

Cedric is considering hiding in the glove compartment.


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  1. You're a born photographer and writer! Every photo tells a very unique story and taken so well. So very glad for stumbling upon your blog.


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