Saturday, June 23, 2012

Raindrops on Helmets and Tails on Coyotes

I finally spotted a bird eating the suet I put out six months ago! Unfortunately, I was so excited that I immediately scared it away. Let's hope he returns soon or at least tells his friends.  

Hey, what a coincidence: the last time I mentioned this suet, I also discussed how my often-inebriated neighbor was yelling things out on the sidewalk. And today, he's upstairs yelling at someone on the other end of the phone:



"I hate her!"


 I hope he's not talking about me.

Anyway, yesterday we traded in the drunken shouting for the sound of the river. Here's some scenes from our two-hour bike ride:


See Joe on the bridge? He had to wait for me to take flower photos.

"Hey it's getting abnormally dark for 6 p.m., but let's keep going!"

The rain was refreshing. I won't tell you about the thunder and lightening. You know, so you don't worry.

We didn't see many animals on the trip. There was a coyote breaking into the water treatment plant. Well, Joe saw him, and I looked up with enough time to see his tail.

Mystery bird:

There was iced-tea when we got home. Okay, who cares about the tea--I just wanted to show you my adorable new Pyrex pitcher (from Goodwill of course).

Oh and look at the peonies a new/fabulous friend brought me!

And yes, that is the spout of a tea-pot you see. We have no flower vases.

I'm looking forward to returning to the bike route soon and picking up where we left off.

I hope you're all having excellent weekends!

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