Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beer Boquets and--What's That?--the Sun

As I was getting something for dinner last night (usually it's something easy since Joe has night class), I decided to get Joe a little something for valentine's day, a bouquet of beer.

I picked out six different IPAs to make him a little sampler.

And I wrote him a valentine on a post-it note. I know. I'm a really romantic wife. But we usually agree to do nothing, so this is an improvement.

And what happened today, February 15?

Unlike most of my days off that I spend in my pajamas, I had to leave the apartment today for several reasons:
  1. It was sunny out.
  2. In order to start grading, I need to bribe myself with lattes.
  3. I try not to associate our apartment with the process of grading. 
  4. Our neighbor was especially rambunctious today, yelling random things at anyone who could hear him. "Hey, are those snow tires?"  or "Slow, down, hot rod!" 
So I pulled Cedric away from his sunbathing window, and we went to the Rocket bakery.

Then I had this delicious mushroom barley soup! Why has it taken me 27 years to discover barley?

Now I'm home, halfway through the grading, and waiting for Joe to wake up so we can make chicken Caesar salads.  

Speaking of food:

Dear birds, 

 I bought this suet a month ago. Start eating!

Cynthia (crazy bird lady)
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