Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Spy...

I bought a watch! I missed having one and was sick of pulling out my cell phone to check the time.

Today the sun was out, (and it was windy!) so I spent a lot of time staring out our window--not that our back yard is all that beautiful.

Notice any out-of-place visitors here?

Answer key:

Our backyard is constantly dotted with cats.  I think it's because of the cat that's trapped in the wood grain of our fence.

See it?  Answer key:

 Joe thinks I'm crazy. But to me, it looks like a Siamese cat, sticking its head from behind one of the boards. Like this:

Anyway, then I saw a robin, who stayed on the corner of this roof for quite a while.

Yes, robin. What is it?

You go first. We'll meet you there 

And while we've been playing, Joe has been working hard. You can tell by his workspace:

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