Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Break is Near!

Well it only looked like this for a day:

Now it looks more like this:

But that's okay because today the UPS guy brought me this:

 I waited all morning and half the afternoon, but finally he showed up. I might have answered the door a little too quickly, a little too energetically. Sorry UPS guy.

Oh no, it's raining, and Joe walked to work. I guess I have no choice but to wear my sweet boots and go pick him up.

Oh no, Joe works right across the street from Madeleine's, the delightful french cafe that just recently posted a new batch of macarons on their facebook page.

Guess I'll have to get one while I wait for Joe. Or two. How do you decide between strawberry rhubarb and pumpkin caramel? 

One more day of class this week and then we start cooking! 

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