Monday, November 12, 2012

Look What We Got...

It seems like this is happening earlier than it did last year. But checking last November's post, I see that the snow is really only a few days earlier.

I also see that, exactly like this year, we still hadn't changed our clocks to the right time. Consistency!

Aside from the snow, not much else is new.

We somehow managed to wake up early enough to eat breakfast at Madeleine's this week:

Look at that adorable little fruit tart we split! We even cut it into four strategic pieces so we would each get to have a bite with each type of fruit on it.

And here's Joe trying to ignore my constant Mmming over my perfect latte. 

Our three-day weekend is coming to an end, and it's obvious by the way Joe is hunched over his computer right now. 

C'mon snow day!

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