Monday, December 24, 2012


Cedric's been doing a lot of knitting in his free time. Especially since there's been nothing to do while Joe's been sick.

A little Christmas flu anyone?

What's funny is that Joe somehow snores less when he's sick.

Since everyone we know is out of town, I've been put in charge of a lot of people's keys, keys to cars in case the streets will be plowed, keys to mailboxes in case large packages come, and keys to apartments in case certain kitties get lonely.

I've been visiting Scout every other day while my friend is out of town. Here he is looking lonely and abandoned. 


And here he is meeting Cedric.

 I'm not sure they get along. Scout is a hilarious cat, very vocal. When I head up the stairs to the apartment, I can hear him cry/meowing and he doesn't stop for a long time. Here he is crying in the dark when I first walk in.

Yesterday it took him an hour to calm down. Poor guy.

And here's a couple shots of a semi-snowy Spokane. I like the smokestacks because they remind me of Marquette's.

Tomorrow, if Joe is feeling better, we will make a delicious dinner and 8,000 phone calls.

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