Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cat-Sitting and Snow-Gazing

Now that Christmas is over, I can stop lamenting our inability to make it home to Michigan and go back to enjoying our break.

This means reading three books at once and watching trashy TV shows and conducting kitchen experiments and taking long walks in the snow. Yeah, we've actually been getting some.

And because everything is so gray and colorless here, I thought I might as well take some black and whites on my winter walk.

Black and white hat hair!

 Yeah, Spokane is pretty gray these days, but if you look close enough, you can always find some bits of color.

I enjoy the challenge.

I'm also enjoying my time with Scout, the cat I'm visiting while his owner is out of town. He's getting pretty mopey. No amount of petting or playing or talking seems to help him at this point.

It's okay Scout, she's coming back for new year's eve.

Which reminds me, Cedric needs to work on a sparkly new outfit.  

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