Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekend Trip!

Today we packed up the truck and took off to meet my aunt/cousins for a weekend in a giant riverfront lodge. Where did we go? Here's a couple hints:

I made some snowy pine tree sugar cookies to take along--they seemed appropriate.

 And Cedric got out his lederhosen.

We drove west, through miles and miles and miles of tumbleweedy flat land until we finally found some hills.

Which eventually turned into mountains. 

 Which eventually turned into Leavenworth!

Which eventually turned into lunch and beer tasting at Icicle Brewing Company.

Which eventually turned into Cedric's first pickle. 

Which eventually turned into us finding family at a large lodge on the river just a mile out of town (the picture is us leaving downtown).

Which is about to lead to falling asleep in our room to the sound of the Wenatchee river. 

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