Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week Three

Wow. So here's a little story. Friday afternoon of my first week of classes I get an email from North Idaho College: Do I want an online technical writing class? Yes. You bet I do.

Am I already fairly busy with my new classes at Gonzaga?  Yes. You bet I am.

But I love tech. writing. And I love online classes. So, for the last couple weeks I have been scrambling to get everything going, but I'm almost on top of things.

I'm loving my Monday, Wednesday, Friday walks to Gonzaga's campus (two miles from our place).

Luckily, the shortest route is over the river and through the park.

Don't worry, I'm carrying my pink pepper spray in case I happen upon any weirdos.

Even though it's a little earlier than I would prefer, the walk is beautiful. Yesterday, I saw seven deer (not pictured).

And my office is adorable, very cabin-like. I spend my office hours pretending I'm on a fishing trip in the Upper Peninsula (of Michigan).

And look, a non-paper door sign. Talk about luxury!

After this weekend I should finally start having some free time again. 

Oh and I forgot to mention, I spent one of these busy weeks working on the layout for issue two of Sundog Lit. Here's the cover I designed:

I've certainly been making up for a winter break of pure laziness. Joe's been on-and-off sick this entire time. Maybe his looming thesis has something to do with it.

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