Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bike Ride

 Yesterday Joe and I decided to check out one of the nearby bike trails and picked the one that begins in town. Even though Joe thought the trail was just going to be a marked route on all the main roads, I showed him the map, where the dotted line for the bike route was at least half of an inch to the left of the line for the road, and insisted there had to be a bike path next to the road.

Soon into our trip it was obvious Joe was right. I don't think you should call something a "trail" when it is just miles of biking in traffic. Once we got out of town though, and the roads became less busy, we saw some nice views of the Spokane River.

I'll leave out the part about being beaten by a very large hill. Joe made his way up it pretty quickly though! Here's what we saw:


  1. Best scenery. Even beats to mountain in AZ. water makes such a big difference. Hope you both have a great day. Love, GK

  2. I don't know, GK, that is one pretty mountain. :) But you're right, ya gotta have some water!

  3. Great pictures, Cynthia! It is fun to read your new town updates.


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