Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Move Moves Up

After a busy but fun four days in West Michigan, we were ready to relax for a week before driving to Spokane. On our way back to the east side of Michigan, however, I got a call from an Idaho college wanting to interview me next week for an adjunct teaching job. So, we decided it would be worth it to just leave two days.

Yesterday, we ran around finishing the things we planned on having a week to do: opened a new bank account that doesn't only exist in the U.P., reserved a U-haul trailer, planned our route across the country, and picked up our beautiful new truck (a generous gift from Grandpa and Grandma Karwas)! Next comes the challenge of trying to fit everything into the little 5 x 8 trailer we have. 

We leave tomorrow morning, but at the moment, I'm watching Joe and his mom shoot each other with some toy guns they bought for the kids.

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