Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving Day

 I've only got ten minutes before the coffee shop closes (we don't have internet). Last night I scrubbed  cupboards, walls, drawers, etc. and things are starting to feel a little less contaminated.

Today we cleaned and unpacked quite a bit, but the place still needs some furniture and decoration before it doesn't feel depressing. Joe just rode his bike into town to check out his downtown campus and I'm going to finish typing up my syllabus. Here are some random pictures I took yesterday:

Spokane as we were driving in for our first night in our apartment.

This has no significance. I just liked it.

The sign for the area of town we live in: "Browne's Addition."
Joe surveys the mess.

The landlord stopped by and seemed a little disturbed by all the deer heads.
Tired! Our chair that Joe and I timeshare at the moment. But hey, I get paid at the end of September, so we'll buy furniture then!

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