Friday, August 26, 2011

Sweltering in Spokane

No one here seems to notice that it's 92 degrees. But for now, in the air-conditioned coffee shop, life is pretty good. Classes are over for the week, the outside of our apartment building is being painted, we can finally close our bathroom door all the way, and I just took a nap (I woke up earlier than necessary to make sure I got to my morning class on time).

All three of my classes seem like they will be a lot of fun. The students all seem so friendly, energetic, and just plain cool. And, the drive there, about 30-45 minutes, isn't as bad as I expected. Today I got a good morning laugh in when this thing passed me on the road:

Can you believe something like this can go fast enough to pass me driving 70 mph, or that whoever was behind the wheel would feel comfortable driving it that fast? I had to show my students when I got to class. I just looked it up; it's called a Tango. These cars are 41 inches wide, can go up to 150 miles per hour, and cost something like $108,000!  And where are they made? Spokane.

Anyway, we are still without internet or TV or furniture and may be for a while, but we are good at taking turns with the blue chair! Plus we are good at improvising. Here is us eating dinner in style:

We knew that framed map was worth bringing!

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