Friday, December 23, 2011


Joe and I are certainly getting a lot accomplished over this break. He's working out a lot--so much, in fact, that I'm almost inclined to join him. Almost.

Joe has been a writing machine.

I have been a crafting machine.

I am finally finding time to work on some long overdue thank-you cards.  

 And because we were so slow in getting them out, I thought snails might be a good theme.

My wall art made from toilet paper rolls is finally finished!

Cutting the rolls was easy. Deciding on a design didn't take too long. Neither did gluing it together. But I felt like a moron when I went to paint it and realized it would have been much easier to paint them when they were still in one piece. Oh well!

 We've also been cooking. A lot. 

Baked apple oatmeal!

Last night we made Rachel Ray's Meatless Meatball Heros. The meatballs are made by grinding up almonds, chickpeas, and mozzarella. The taste and texture were great and they weren't as greasy as meat meatballs.

Rachel Ray's Picture. Click here to see her recipe.

I might ease up on the lemon zest next time. Or play around with different seasonings. But really, these are delicious, and way better than actual meatballs.

In general, we've just been doing a lot of things that got pushed aside during the move or during the crazy months after the move. I also have an eye appointment today, something I've been putting off since we got here. And I finally applied for health insurance, but I missed the January deadline by two days, so now I won't be covered until February. I'll try to stay inside, away from any sharp objects until then.

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