Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Goodbye, Spokane. We're moving to Sandpoint.

Our trip to Sandpoint was a short one, but we had a nice little get-away.

It's been extra cloudy and gloomy here lately, so the pictures aren't fantastic. And some are blurry because they were taken from the truck. But you get the point.

Almost to the cabin!

Love the moose knocker!  Jonathan and Amy's cabin is adorable and beautiful and cozy and has a great view. Too bad it was dark when we got there and my arms were too full when we left to take pictures.

Here's Joe getting beat at candlelight Monopoly. Look at all my money. Poor guy. Notice how Joe is wearing his hat. It was a bit chilly.

Leaving the cabin for Sandpoint.

Sandpoint is on Lake Pend Oreille, which is Idaho's largest lake. Depending on who you ask, it ranges from 111 to 143 miles of shoreline.

It's also the fifth deepest lake in the United States at just under 1,200 feet deep (or more, again, depending on who you ask).  

We ate breakfast at a little place called Di Luna's Cafe. 

They had all sorts of eggs benedicts. Mine was sitting on top of a crab cake, and Joe's had smoked salmon and avocado on top of wheat toast--delicious! I took pictures, but they aren't very attractive.

The cute Christmas decorations were still up.

Then we drove aimlessly around town.

We took a walk along the beach. 

Somehow, we ended up at the statue of liberty. 

I attacked her for being the imposter that she is. "Who are you really? Show me your real face!"

We sat on a bench for a while and enjoyed the view. 

We took turns saying which house in the mountains we wanted.

We found our pet lion relaxing on the beach. 

Joe humored me and we went into an antique store. Every time it looked like we might be done, we found another room or floor. Sorry Joe! All the old fishing stuff seemed to hold his interest though. Then we went to lunch!

We sat at the bar at a very busy MickDuff's Brewing Company. The bartender said they were packed because all the snow bunnies were looking for something to do on a bad day for skiing.  

We decided we liked it there. A lot. The food. The beer (particularly the West Yorkshire red and the IPA). The atmosphere. The incredibly friendly staff. And we have to go back sometime because they have some Gorgonzola garlic waffle fries we need to try.

Then we drove home. I forgot Cedric in my purse, so he's a little angry he didn't make it into any of the pictures.

It was comforting to be near a big lake again (well, not that big, but better than nothing). Hopefully we'll make it back out there before too long.

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