Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alley Magic

You'll never believe what I found today! I was coming home from a run and decided to cut through this little passageway between the E.J. Roberts Mansion and my apartment building (same owners). Sunken into the tall shrubs I have been passing by for months was a wooden door. And what was written on the door?

Secret Garden! I couldn't believe it! It was so cute inside. Everywhere I looked, there was some little piece of adorableness.

 There are three entrances, which makes we wonder how I've never noticed it before.

There are also plenty of fairy doors, adorned with glitter, decorated by colorful gems, surrounded by stone walkways. One even had a little flower garden. I thought about pulling on this one's doorknob, but didn't want to disturb anyone. Maybe Cedric can make friends with them soon.

It's all so whimsical. And of course, it's making me want to read The Secret Garden again.


  1. This garden is so adorable!! Don't you love finding great things that were right under your nose?

  2. hey girl. i nominate you for a liebster award :) yay.


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