Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scenes from an Uphill Bike Ride

I'm not kidding. I set out yesterday to find some new sights, crossing the river and heading west out of Spokane. The road I chose had a generous shoulder and some beautiful sights, but I didn't know when I chose it I'd be biking up a 7.4 mile hill.

There were a couple moments of relief, but for the most part, riding to the top of this monster was a challenge. Though it did make the free fall home pretty amazing, and necessary. Once I got out of town, it was all fields and farms and little roads with names like Deno, Euclid, Hayford, and Spotted. Here are some shots:


  1. heya, cynthia! i nominated you for an award (or two!) on my blog today!

  2. Such beautiful pictures Cynthia! Living in Arizona, I don't get to see greenery and trails like this! Thanks for sharing!


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