Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello, August

So there's Spokane, which isn't so bad, which has some okay features if you look hard enough. And then there's Spokane in the evening, where every day for a few hours everything is transformed.

I've been starting to run again, but it's hard to keep a steady pace because all I want to do is sprint down the steep hill at the edge of Browne's Addition, past the shining purple flowers on the side of the road, and come out over a river that's reflecting so much sun you can barely look at it. The tall grass (or weeds) are yellow by this time of year, drab and dusty in the afternoon, but glowing and magical in the evening.

After I can't run anymore, I hop on my bike--I can't go inside yet!--and ride to the other edge of Browne's where there's a community garden. 

I go down Riverside, by churches, park benches, and the building that looks like Marquette. I think about how foreign they looked when we first arrived

And then I go home before all the weirdos come out.  :)

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