Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bird Party

The beach on campus is a bird club, filled with the chaotic blending of several different chirps and honks and quacks and screeches.

Last night after class I took pictures of the culprits. And this morning, I think I've figured out what all of them are.

This one's obvious:

Mr. Mallard, who I think has an evil smirk. What are you planning?

A Ring-Billed Gull  (well, there was definitely more than one). Yes they're very screechy and like to harass you on the beach, but aren't they also so pretty?

A Canada Goose:

Some kind of domestic goose. Mother Goose, is that you?

She and this Canada Goose are in love. I saw them eating together before class and swimming together after class. Look at how aloof she's trying to be now. Nice try, M.G.  

And finally, this funny looking fellow, a Domestic Swan Goose. He wasn't in my bird book, so I made up his story for him.

Steven was a crabby, lonely bird who spent his days staring out into Lake Coeur d'Alene. If only Mother Goose paid me any attention, he thought. 

All the other ducks and birds swam and flew right by him. They remembered last fall when he yelled at them all for quacking, honking, and screeching too loud.

One day, he noticed a crazy bird lady spying on him from a picnic table.

He waddled over and growled. 

She didn't. She pretended to be taking pictures of the ground, but she was really zooming in on his funny little feet. 

 Goodnight birdland!

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