Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A full moon was out recently, hovering over Browne's Addition...

...giving us weird dreams, and making us think crazy thoughts.

For instance, it made me think I could make St. Patrick's Day dinner for all of Spokane (or about 20 people).

So on Sunday I bought 7 pounds of brisket and made a brine. That's it up there, before I put in the disturbing amount of Kosher salt. Corned beef we will have! (If it turns out!)

Things are growing around here too! Except for Ivan, who may not make it to next Christmas. But I won't take a picture of him. It's too sad.

And then this came in the mail yesterday from Mom & Pa Slocum! The perfect end to a long weekend, candy and tea, and some little plush friends to keep Cedric company.

Time to go make sure the meat is still covered in brine!
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