Friday, March 30, 2012

The Columbia River and My Heart

What do the two have in common?  Today, one greatly impacted the other.

When we left Spokane on our way to Portland, we were greeted with drizzle and gray and colorless hills.

But even the scruffy looking bushes were new and exciting. We even ran into a couple of tumbleweeds!

And eventually those monotone hills became pretty impressive.

 And water friendly.

And then we saw some green!


And more/different hills!

What else?

 Some cute little trees...

Wind turbines....

We crossed a couple of bridges...

We stared at the Columbia River...

And stared at the Columbia River...

And stared at the Columbia River...

It never got old!

We ate lunch at a place attached to a gas station: Linda's Diner.

And then everything kept getting more and more beautiful, but sadly the rain got bigger too.

Hopefully there will be sun on the way home so better pictures can be taken.

Here's a tiny waterfall:

And here's Cedric in Portland!

The rain did not stop us from finding this happy-hour feast!

Most of this probably looks familiar, but on the far right there, we have house-made tater tots (stuffed with bacon, chives, and something else delicious)!

Here's Joe and Cedric. They love getting a great deal on a lot of food.

It was a great day.

And Cedric got to try out his new fanny pack:

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