Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

To distract ourselves from the fact that we can't be with our families in Michigan today, Joe and I will eat what we want at any point in the day that we want.

I'm starting with some cranberry orange oatmeal. Last night I made my first batch of creme brulee, flavored with cranberries stewed in a pot of sugar and Gran Marnier. This morning I put the leftovers in my oatmeal, and it is perfectly sweet and tangy. Oh and the walnuts on top are a texture must.

Last night we decided against making dinner. Instead, we stood over our kitchen counter with a glass of wine, some excellent cheese, and a crusty loaf of bread. The baguette was a little dark, but still so soft on the inside.

And the cheeses were all so different and delicious. The cheese sections in a couple of our stores are impressive, and my first time seeing one, I spent half my morning reading and oooohing at all of the labels. The best part: they sell little sample sizes, so you never have to make a decision again. Just get them all!

My favorite was the brie on the right. Joe also made some balsamic/olive oil dipping sauce with some Parmesan. A dinner of cheese and bread is good enough for me any night.

For the rest of the day we'll be cooking, and snacking, and watching movies. I always think I won't miss seeing the whole family that much, that it will be a relaxing day of lounging in pajamas, but as soon as one of them calls, and I hear everyone yelling and laughing in the background, it's hard to keep it together. I'll save the desserts for that moment.


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