Monday, November 21, 2011

Low on Fabric, Energy, Mental Capacity

This weekend was consumed by our couch. Friday night, we went out into the snow and ice to see to a great reading, Debra Gwartney.  After the reading, our friend Jonathan offered us his old couch! And there went the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, Joe and I drove out to Cheney and picked it up. Here it is after we got it home and I spent the rest of the evening dehairing it (our friends Jonathan and Amy own two mysterious cats (after staying there for a few days, I think I only saw a glimpse of one) and an adorable Newfoundland). Amy kept insisting, "you don't want this couch!" But it's a huge step up from our broken futon.

There are also some tears in the cushions, so I thought, hey let's just recover it really quickly. Yeah! Last-minute, unplanned, never-tried-before-projects always turn out great!

Yesterday morning I waited for Joe to wake up so we could go buy fabric. He slept and slept and slept. I baked and baked and baked. I made a pumpkin spice cake with brown butter and pumpkin glaze:

Then I made us some baked eggs (never tried it before): I sauteed onion, spinach, and tomato, mixed in some mozzarella and parmesan cheese, spooned it into individual ramekins, cracked a couple of eggs on top, and baked them for what felt like forever. It was really good! No picture!

The rest of the day was devoted to couch covering.

2:00 Find awesome green and black upholstery fabric for 2.49 a yard.

2:01 Debate whether the 8 yards they have left will be enough.

2:02 Hope it will be.

2:59 Seek advice from family: use a staple gun! Sew less!

3:20 Drive to Home Depot and buy cheap staple gun.

3:50  Begin project. Get two staples in before the gun breaks. Try to fix it for twenty minutes. Become irrationally angry and whiny.

4:10 Drive to Home Depot. Exchange staple gun for twenty-dollar version: THE POWER SHOT.

4:30-5:30 Make and eat dinner--fabric and cushions looming.

5:30  Stare, cut, staple.

6:00 Stare, grimace, cut, staple.

7:00 Stare, scowl, shake head, yell "what are you doing? you can't do this!" cut, staple.

After getting the main part of the couch finished, I ran out of fabric. The cushions will have to be covered in something else.

Somehow, Joe managed to get all his grading done in a room where some crazy girl was shouting at fabric and throwing pillows. And Cedric is exhausted:

And now, it's Monday morning, Joe has left for school, and I must venture out for fabric.

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