Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Weekend Came Back!

It's Friday again! It was a good week. Here's a recap:

Tuesday was such a great day that I wore stripes with a floral pattern. Oooh yeah, talk about exciting.

We finally have a desk area to work at! And I found some good coffee: Pete's Coffee.

And because I knew I'd never use all the half and half I bought for coffee, I made some delicious cream of mushroom soup, which gave me an excuse to eat most of a baguette.


By the way, have you ever sauteed mushrooms in some form of alcohol? Red wine? Port? Burgundy? It doesn't matter what kind. Just do it--even if just for the smell.
What else? Oh, you know, just this:

Can't wait!  Exclamation pointssss!!!!

I also just found out I get to teach a business writing class in the spring! 

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