Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I managed to complete over half of my weekend to-do list. After working on the coffee table, making curtains, and fixing Joe's backpack for him, I was ready to stop avoiding the school portion of the checklist and start grading.

But first I had to drop off some contest essays I judged at Spokane Community College. I went early in the morning and planned on checking out a park right by campus. After walking the entire campus (though it wasn't really that big) looking for the "Main" building, I started asking for help. I accused one girl of giving me bad directions (in my head) and wondered why the girl I was meeting didn't know which buildings I was by when I called her. I came upon a sign with the campus map on it. There was no Main building listed.  Then I read the big blue words at the top of the sign: Spokane Falls Community College. Not Spokane Community College.

Wow.  And I can't even pretend I didn't know there was more than one because I spent last spring finding and applying to every college in the area. Anyway, it took three hours to do something that should have required thirty minutes, so after that, I went home and yielded to the unproductivity.

Time to make up for that now! But first it's pumpkin oatmeal time! Oh yeah. Yesterday I got a little overzealous and put way too much pumpkin puree in. I tasted more like baby food. Today, I reigned it in.

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