Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Waster

That's me. I had big plans to get ahead on my schoolwork this weekend. But instead I went furniture crazy. And yesterday, when I had finished painting and assembling, I wasted the entire day on who knows what. At eight 8 a.m., I sat down at my desk (which is really a table) and said to myself you've got like fourteen hours to get this stuff done! 

I went to the store and bought coffee and sourdough English Muffins (my new obsession). I was ready to work all day.

So what happened? I'm not sure. I honestly can't remember what I did yesterday. I remember the English muffins. And the coffee. There might have been some random internet searches. There might have been some online Scrabble. But not fourteen hours worth.

I spent some time staring at squirrels. 

I took too long decorating a power-point presentation for my class.

But I still should have been able to get more done. I think it's the weather. Yesterday the sun set at 4:23 (or something close to that), so after that, it felt like the day was over. Might as well stop now.

To be honest, a good portion of the day was spent trying to convince myself I didn't need a third English Muffin. I thought, if I eat a third, I will have to eat the other three so I can destroy the evidence. Joe could  never find out about this. Then I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish the job.  Joe would come home and find a new bag of English muffins with only one muffin left. So instead, I did the responsible thing and moved on to chocolate.

But this muffin battle didn't take up the entire day either. Maybe Cedric drugged me and had a house gnome party.

Oh well. I'm pretty sure that's been my process for years: completely useless on the weekend, super busy and productive during the week. It's worked so far. Now I just need to conquer the guilt that comes along with it.

Table Progress
The coffee table still hasn't been sanded or stained. I'm waiting for a sanding tutorial from the expert woodworker, and apparently he's much better at not distracting himself with furniture restoration than I am.

Anyway, here's a picture of our now retired box end table. Lovely, huh? Oh and that's our five-dollar chair and our three-dollar footstool! They are so comfortable!

And here is the replacement table. It was a scratched and fake light wood color, so I painted it black. Now we have something to rest our coffee on without worrying about it toppling over on us.

Cedric approved.  Oh, and no, we haven't changed our clocks yet. Give it a month or so.

P.S. Maybe if you told me about ways you wasted your weekend, I wouldn't feel so bad. Even if you have to make it up.


  1. Hey, lady--

    I posted a whole litany of laziness:


    Hope this makes you feel better.

  2. I can tell you about an entire wasted week. I should have been job searching but instead spent every minute of Olivia's naptimes and evening watching 3 seasons of "Lost." 3 more to go. Then I'll be productive.

  3. My procrastination weekend is still happening on Wednesday. I've sequestered myself in the library to force myself to grade and write papers, but I'm just going online instead. I'm thinking about smashing my wireless adapter with a hammer - maybe that'll do the trick!

  4. Thanks ladies! You are excellent time wasters and excellent friends for admitting it!

  5. Just to let you know, I am also obsessed with sourdough english muffins! Yum they are so good. And I get all surly if the sourdough ones aren't available because I refuse to get the 'plain' ones. :)
    Also, procrastination is a wonderful thing! :)

  6. Yeah Cris, you know what's good! I made one when I got home from school today, but then I realized we were out of butter. Talk about heartbroken.

  7. I definitely spend my weekends (and a good part of my week) watching old episodes of The Office, making endless cups of tea, sometimes nursing a hangover, and looking at wedding dresses that I've probably already seen at least twice. Does that make you feel any better? :P


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